As markets worldwide continue to shift to more sustainable packaging alternatives, many converters and flexible packaging manufacturers are asking themselves: “how do I make my packaging recyclable?”

A common misconception amongst end-users when it comes to plastics is that the material is not recyclable. With recycling capabilities rapidly modernizing and demand for recycled content on the rise, this misconception could not be further from the truth. In fact, most mono-material flexible packaging constructions, such as all-PE stand-up pouches or all-PE mailer bags, are already widely accepted by a variety of recycling streams worldwide. IEF’s portfolio of mono-material recycle-ready films is extensive, and when properly utilized can help our customers create final packages that are fully recyclable. Reach out to an IEF rep and ask about our InteGreen™ Family of Sustainable Films to learn more.

When it comes to multi-material films such as PE-Nylon or PE-EVOH co-extrusions, things get a bit more complex. Many end-uses rely heavily on co-extruded films and barrier films for their flexible packaging designs, such as food packaging. This creates a dilemma for companies utilizing these films as they have historically been deemed non-recyclable due to processing and sorting challenges at recycling facilities.

However, IEF’s unique compatibilizer technology solves this problem. With our EVOH and Nylon compatibilizers, IEF is able to create multi-material, co-extruded films that are pre-qualified for Store Drop-off recycling nationwide. We can even assist our customers in getting their final package certified for Store Drop-off recycling with certifying bodies such as How2Recycle®.

Are you looking to make the switch to recyclable flexible packaging but don’t know where to start? Reach out to your local film expert today!


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