With decades of legacy experience in supplying high quality films for packaging converters in North America, we’ve recognized that the majority of packaging converter applications can be addressed with robust standard products that provide consistent performance for our diverse customer base. IEF’s technical development group worked directly with our customers and suppliers to develop a standard product portfolio designed to offer flexibility when it comes to performance and economics.

Our portfolio of films for printing, converting, and lamination (PCPL) features options for a variety of high-quality surface print and lamination applications, as well as custom-engineered blends that can handle demanding seal requirements and ever-increasing processing speeds.

In addition, IEF’s state-of-the-art extrusion capabilities and film-making expertise ensure the highest levels of quality and consistency in each roll, which are key factors for converters with critical roll geometry requirements.

Common applications for IEF’s PCPL family of films include, but are not limited to:

In the rare case where a standard solution doesn’t fit, IEF’s in-house technical team is able and willing to work directly with our customers to develop a custom engineered film solution that meets their application’s specific requirements.

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InteGreen Sustainable Solutions

For customers looking to make their flexible packaging more sustainable, IEF is proud to offer a full suite of sustainable films through our InteGreen™ family of films. Highlights include:

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