From Eco-Villain to Eco-Victor

When major coffee manufacturers introduced the single-serve coffee pods a few years ago, they probably weren't bargaining for national news coverage and contentious debates.

After all, how could a steamy aromatic cup of freshly brewed coffee made with the perfect amount of water and coffee grinds be so wrong? Especially when, instead of having to make an entire pot of coffee—about 4-6 servings on average—single-serve coffee pods have the potential to produce less waste and take less energy to make.

Critics of single-serve coffee capsules often focus on the packaging that holds coffee grounds. They see this packaging as a waste stream that would not otherwise exist in the traditional drip brewing machines. These pods are taking a lot of open criticism in the media. A recent article published in January 2015 in MacLean's magazine called these coffee pods the “new eco-villain.”

The actual pods carry a significant environmental footprint throughout the whole process.

So what if you could you could have the best of both worlds? What if you could enjoy the convenience of a single-serve cup of coffee, use less water and coffee grounds while avoiding this waste stream? One of our customers came to us with this very idea. We knew that we had a solution for them. Our team developed a compostable coffee pod from biodegradable resin. The compostable pod breaks down just as the organic contents of the pod would.

Our client gets the best of both worlds. Compostable and convenient. The consumer gets an individual serving of coffee with no side of guilt.

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Industry News Update - April 17th, 2015: An article in Canadian Grocer features compostable coffee pods. It's a positive story that highlights how in the Canadian market compostable pods are garnering higher sales volumes for single service coffee pod makers. Read the original story here.